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Meet Nikki Gregg

"The First Lady of Stand Up Paddle Fitness"
-Jeff Archer, owner of Yolo Boards

Nikki Gregg was raised to be the ‘NRGetic’ girl she is thanks to her parents who instilled in her the desire and knowledge to pursue a life of healthy and active living. Always the ‘gym rat’, her very first job at age fourteen was working the front desk of a gym.  This led her to gym management, personal training, group training, and teaching weight loss classes.

Her extreme love for outdoor sports led Nikki from her small hometown in Ohio to the mountains of Colorado and Lake Tahoe where she excelled in many sports such as snowboarding, whitewater kayaking, raft guiding, mountain biking, climbing, triathlons, adventure racing, and wakeboarding.  For the last six years, Nikki has called the north shore of Oahu her home.  Her passion lies in any and all forms of stand up paddling; from fitness, surfing, racing, flatwater, learning open ocean paddling, and even whitewater, Nikki is one of the most well rounded athletes in the fast growing sport of stand up paddling.  

Nikki’s business is based in Hawaii, but recently her endeavors take her on the road more and more often.   She travels in order to train clients, share her popular island inspired stand up paddle boot camps with others, or to compete in stand up paddling events all over the country. She has quickly become 'stand up paddle's spokeswoman' and can sometimes be found traveling in the Werner Paddles Sprinter van with her boyfriend, Dan Gavere, and her little dog, Nui, sharing the life changing benefits of stand up paddling.

With over ten years of experience as a fitness professional, Nikki sets herself apart from other trainers because of the high level of customer service she gives to her clients.  Her holistic and hardcore approach to health and fitness combined with her positive attitude, extensive knowledge and wide range of skill make her a highly sought after trainer. 

Nikki takes her client’s safety seriously and goes to great lengths to make sure she is prepared for any situation.  She has been certified to be a personal trainer through ACE and NSCA. Nikki has her EMT-B certification training, Swift Water Rescue Training, as well as current AHA CPR/First Aid certification. Nikki is an ASI (Academy of Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction) certified stand up paddle "Master Instructor" and is affiliated with both the WSUPA (World Stand Up Paddleboard Association) and the WPA (World Paddle Association).

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